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Saturday, April 30th @ 2:45 pm

The year was 1984. A handful of women innkeepers in Provincetown gathered together to figure out how they could entice summer guests back...


Friday, April 29th @ 9:15 pm

James has served time for his involvement in the suspected drowning of a young boy in a river years earlier, although the body was never...

Fair Haven

Saturday, April 30th @ 5:00 pm

Fair Haven follows a young man, James, who returns to his family’s farm after a long stint in gay-to straight conversion therapy. He comes...

International Male - Men's Shorts Program #1

Monday, April 25th @ 6:45 pm

MEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM Take a trip around the world (no passport needed) as we bring you inside many customs, cultures and worldly views in...

IT’S LADIES NIGHT! - Ladies Shorts Program #2

Tuesday, April 26th @ 9:00 pm

STAFF PICK LADIES SHORTS PROGRAM #2 …and the feeling’s right! So enjoy these various peeks inside the lives, loves and struggles of the...

Kiss Me, Kill Me

Sunday, April 24th @ 7:45 pm

Influences of Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock are evident in this sexy gay twist on classic L.A. film noir. After confronting his...

Love Is All You Need?

Saturday, April 30th @ 7:30 pm

In many eyes, homosexuality is still viewed as a mortal sin. But what if the tables were turned and heterosexual couples were the ones...

Remembering The Man

Saturday, April 30th @ 5:00 pm

At a prestigious Catholic boys school in Melbourne in the seventies, Tim Conigrave and John Caleo fell madly in love. Their passionate,...

The “Artistic” Expression of Love – Men’s Shorts Program #2

Tuesday, April 26th @ 9:00 pm

MEN’S SHORTS PROGRAM #2 Both in style and substance, these shorts prove that love can often be more than face value. The Last Girl ,...

The Guy With The Knife

Sunday, April 24th @ 5:00 pm

Twenty years after he helped put Jon Buice in a Texas prison, Ray Hill is fighting to free him. Filmed over the course of eight years, The...

The Tchaikovsky Files - Confessions of a Composer/ Irawaddy Mon Amour

Saturday, April 23rd @ 3:00 pm

DOUBLE FEATURE WORLD PREMIERE Director: Ralf Pleger Runtime: 52 minutes Germany, 2015 In German, with English subtitles Peter Tchaikovsky is...

Where The Ladies Are - Ladies Shorts Program #1

Monday, April 25th @ 9:00 pm

STAFF PICK LADIES SHORTS PROGRAM #1 Enjoy this collection of entertaining and exciting shorts that each tells a wonderful story of women and...



Saturday, April 23rd @ 5:30 pm

SCREENING COMMITTEE'S PICK Benny and Christopher, 18-year-old freshmen at the University of Akron, meet at a football game, exchange phone...


Monday, April 25th @ 7:00 pm

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE In hidden basements, bedrooms and bars across London, Chemsex is a documentary that exposes frankly and intimately a...

Closet Monster

Saturday, April 23rd @ 10:00 pm

SCREENING COMMITTEE'S PICK SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Closet Monster tells the story of Oscar Madly, a creative and driven teenager who hovers on...

Danny Says

Tuesday, April 26th @ 6:45 pm

STAFF PICK SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Danny Fields was a ‘faggot’ (his words) who dropped out of Harvard law school to move to New York, with...

First Girl I Loved

Sunday, April 24th @ 7:30 pm

Anne, 17, is a headstrong, cool nerd. While covering a softball game for the high school yearbook, she becomes infatuated with the star of...

Flatbush Luck

Saturday, April 23rd @ 7:45 pm

SNEAK PREVIEW Two hunky cousins from Flatbush, former Wall Street hotshot Jimmy and his buttoned-up cousin Max work for the phone company....

Girl on Girl

Saturday, April 23rd @ 5:15 pm

SNEAK PREVIEW Girl on Girl highlights the emotional consequences of feminine lesbian invisibility, the phenomena in which, due to their...

Hunky Dory

Saturday, April 23rd @ 5:00 pm

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE After his psychotic ex disappears, Sidney, a bisexual dive bar drag queen, is forced to look after his 11-year-old son...

I Love You Both

Sunday, April 24th @ 3:00 pm

EAST COAST PREMIERE Twins, Krystal and Donny, 28, have been codependent their entire lives, still living together in a converted one-bedroom...

North Mountain

Thursday, April 28th @ 9:00 pm

U.S. PREMIERE Wolf, a young Native hunter, spends his days hunting and trapping on the isolated North Mountain. His routine is disturbed...

Other People

Wednesday, April 27th @ 6:45 pm

David, a struggling comedy writer fresh from a break up with his boyfriend, moves from New York City to Sacramento to help his sick mother ....

Search Engines

Tuesday, April 26th @ 9:15 pm

EAST COAST PREMIERE Search Engines is a funny and sobering social satire about the essential relationship of the modern era: human beings...


Sunday, April 24th @ 3:00 pm

Suited tells the story of Bindle & Keep, a Brooklyn tailoring company that makes custom suits for gender-nonconforming and transgender...

The M.O.B. Wives Of Richmond

Thursday, April 28th @ 9:15 pm

WORLD PREMIERE The M .O .B . (Magnificent, Outspoken, Beautiful) Wives of Richmond are a diverse group of female drag queens, known wherever...

Those People

Thursday, April 28th @ 7:00 pm

SPECIAL CINEMA DINING EXPERIENCE Charlie and Sebastian are childhood best friends despite Charlie’s obsession with his rich, charismatic...

Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride

Wednesday, April 27th @ 7:00 pm

During a nasty divorce, Butch, a 67-year- old Jewish, macho, homophobic owner of a South Florida autowrecking company hides from the...

Upstairs Inferno

Sunday, May 1st @ 3:00 pm

Upstairs Inferno brings tells the true story of the largest mass murder of gays in US history. On June 24, 1973, an arsonist deliberately...

Women He’s Undressed

Sunday, May 1st @ 5:00 pm

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE A glitzy portrait of celebrated costume designer, Orry-Kelly, who dressed generations of starlets, from Ingrid Bergman to...

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