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Thursday, September 17th @ 7:00 pm

954 GLOW Screening David Gore, a closeted, alcoholic, pathologically immature former child actor, ha...

Fourth Man Out

Friday, October 9th @ 8:00 pm

Filmmaker to be in Attendance | Producer Lauren Avinoam Q&A to follow film Just like his pals, twent...


Saturday, October 10th @ 3:00 pm

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE A universal story about identity, family, tolerance and acceptance, Carlotta...

Tab Hunter Confidential

Saturday, October 10th @ 5:00 pm

From Jeffrey Schwarz, director of I Am Divine and Vito , comes a look at a closeted Hollywood legend...

Beautiful Something

Saturday, October 10th @ 7:30 pm

Talent in Attendance | Zack Ryan, Actor Edgy, absorbing and carnal, Beautiful Something follows four...

Kiss Me Kill Me

Saturday, October 10th @ 9:45 pm

Talent to be in Attendance | Producer/Screenwriter, David Michael Barret & Actor, Van Haniss Q&A to ...

Reel in the Closet

Sunday, October 11th @ 12:45 pm

Talent to be in Attendance | Director, Stu Maddux Q&A to follow film Never before seen home movies m...


Sunday, October 11th @ 5:15 pm

With two beautiful young daughters and a house in the suburbs, married couple Trish and Deb Murdoch ...


Sunday, October 11th @ 9:45 pm

James has served time for his involvement in the suspected drowning of a young boy in a river years ...

54: The Director's Cut

Thursday, October 15th @ 8:00 pm

Studio 54! In 1998, director Mark Christopher created a cinematic monument to this ostentatious mixt...

Those People

Sunday, October 18th @ 7:30 pm

Talent to be in Attendance | Director, Joey Kuhn Q&A to follow film Charlie and Sebastian are childh...

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

Sunday, October 18th @ 7:30 pm

Talent to be in Attendance | Director, John Mitchell & Actress, Vanessa Dunn Q&A to follow film Elsi...

Skin Deep

Sunday, October 18th @ 5:15 pm

EAST COAST PREMIERE Skin Deep is a beautiful, heartwarming urban adventure that proves sometimes fin...


Sunday, October 18th @ 5:00 pm

Q&A with Brian O'Donnell, Akron's writer, co-director & co- producer Benny and Christopher, 18-year ...

Game Face

Sunday, October 18th @ 3:00 pm

Game Face shows the quest to self-realization of LGBT athletes and their acceptance in society. The ...

Deep Run

Sunday, October 18th @ 12:45 pm

Director Hillevi Loven, and LGBTQ supporter Susan Sarandon’s Deep Run , is a powerful veritÃ...


Saturday, October 17th @ 7:30 pm

EAST COAST PREMIERE Colin McCormack thinks he has it all - a great job, a steady stream of hot young...

All About E

Saturday, October 17th @ 5:15 pm

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Beautiful, sexy DJ, E, seems to have it all as she cuts a swathe through her fema...

The Guy with a Knife

Saturday, October 17th @ 3:00 pm

FLORIDA PREMIERE Twenty years after he helped put Jon Buice in a Texas prison, Ray Hill is fighting ...

Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

Saturday, October 17th @ 5:00 pm

With Falcon Studios, gay porn mogul Chuck Holmes built an empire on flesh and fantasy. From 1972 to ...

Coming Out

Saturday, October 17th @ 12:45 pm

EAST COAST PREMIERE Coming Out follows young filmmaker Alden Peters on his journey coming out gay, c...

Like You Mean It

Friday, October 16th @ 9:45 pm

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Having spent years auditioning for bit parts, Mark questions whether he's masculi...

That’s Not Us

Friday, October 16th @ 9:15 pm

That’s Not Us is an intimate portrait of three twenty-something couples - one gay, one lesbia...

Winning Dad

Friday, October 16th @ 7:30 pm

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Colby's father knows that his son is gay, but he doesn't like speaking about it. ...



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