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Big Hair, Bigger Dreams

Sunday, October 12th @ 9:30 am

WORLD PREMIERE With music-video-like visual sequences take a glimpse into the real lives of Fort Lau...

Boys (Jongens)

Sunday, October 12th @ 12:00 pm

In this beautiful and uplifting gay romance, two teen track stars discover first love. Chiseled Sieg...


Sunday, October 12th @ 12:00 pm

It is the last day before Victor has to move to another city with his parents. So he and his best fr...

More Than Friendship

Sunday, October 12th @ 2:00 pm

U.S. PREMIERE Mia, Lukas and Jonas have been inseparable since childhood. The three share one heart,...


Sunday, October 12th @ 2:30 pm

Lorenz Meran, a successful gay author suffering from acute writer’s block, returns home when ...

Eat With Me

Sunday, October 12th @ 5:00 pm

Feeling invisible in her bland marriage, Emma moves in with her son Elliot, who lives in a downtown ...

Futuro Beach (Praia do Futuro)

Sunday, October 12th @ 7:15 pm

Futuro Beach is a tactile gay romance, told over three chapters and in the contrasting locations of ...

Tru Love

Sunday, October 12th @ 8:00 pm

Tru, 37, is a serial bed-hopping lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship until she meets Alice, ...

South Beach On Heels

Sunday, October 12th @ 9:30 pm

While drag shows exist from the small seedy dive bars of Middle America to the elaborate shows in Ve...

Honeymoon (Libanky)

Sunday, October 12th @ 9:45 pm

Southeast Premiere Secrets from the past pry into a couple’s life during their own wedding, i...

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