Producers Circle Members

Producer Circle Members

Studio Heads

Colgate Darden

Executive Producers

Danny Cabrera and Krisztian Karsai
George Zuber
Huizenga Family Foundation
Lawrence R. Hyer Fund at Our Fund
Scott L. Bennett Charitable Fund


Adam Sochet and Alejandro Zaldivar
Amy McGrotty and Deborah Calhoun
Bert Mittler
Brian Adler and Omar Suarez
Brian Burlingame and Marcones Macedo
Douglas Pew and Donald K. Croxton
Jeffrey Kozlow
Jennifer Kriz
Jim Stepp and Peter Zimmer Fund at Our Fund
Larry Feldman, M.D
Robert Seligsohn
Roy Waldron and Evan Dillon
Scott Van Hove
William Dollaway


Andre Perwin and Rod Gillis
Anthony LoGrande and Fabian Rodriguez
Barry Ekle
Barry Warsch
Barry Waterman and Peter Hanley
Benjamin Hein
Bill Volbrecht
Christopher Vastine
David Richardson
David Starkey and Arianto Sumargo
DC Allen and Kenneth Flick
Dennis Edwards and Mark Steinberg
Dennis Roy
Dino Mosquera
Don Hayden and Brian Thompson
Don Perkins and William Niebles
Don Yeldell
Dr. Philip Teitelbaum and Dr. Adam Jacobowitz
Dr. R. Josefina Blanco and Linda Rocafort
Edward Pascoe
Eric Kerwood
Glenn Rigoff
Grace Mead
James LaBrie
John Damico
Johnnie Mejia and Omar Morales
Liebe and Seth Gadinsky
Luis Perez-Tolon
Marc Martorana and Don D’Arminio
Mark Gilbert
Marty Davis and Michael Padraig Acton
Michael Desarro
Michael Schneider and Oscar Balbuena
Michael Toomey
Nate Richardson
Philip Teitelbaum
Rheinchard Reyes
Richard Milstein and Eric Hankin
Ric Katz and Steve Rothaus
Rod Gillis
Scott Newman and Ron DAngelo
Scott Shafer
Shawn Fanshier
Stewart Mittler
Steven Adkins and Diego Goncalves
Walter Steunenberg
Ward Auerbach and Andy Baker

Organization Directors

Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Presenting Sponsors

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