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Film Program

O Cinema Miami Shores at MTC

Heterosexual Jill

Sunday, May 4th @ 7:45 pm

Florida Premiere A mix of over-the-top comedy, sharp wit, and pathos, Heterosexual Jill rides the edge of laughter and pain, desire and...

Magnificent Presence (Magnifica Presenza)

Sunday, May 4th @ 9:45 pm

Handsome, young Pietro, a lonely soul, has just moved to Rome into a beautiful, crucially low-rent apartment. He soon notices objects have...

My Straight Son

Wednesday, May 7th @ 8:30 pm

Diego, a young and successful photographer, lives in the glamorous but shallow and excessive world of fashion. A tragic accident turns his...

Snails in the Rain (Shablulim BaGeshem)

Tuesday, May 6th @ 9:00 pm

Florida Premiere In this intelligent and emotional Israeli film set in 1989 Tel Aviv, Boaz (incredibly sexy male model Yoav Reuveni) is a...

The Case Against 8

Monday, May 5th @ 6:30 pm

Florida Premiere A behind-the-scenes look inside the historic case to overturn California's ban on same-sex marriage. The high-profile trial...

The David Dance

Tuesday, May 6th @ 6:30 pm

East Coast Premiere Away from the microphone, David is soft spoken, shy and unsure of himself. However, as his on-air alias Danger Dave, the...

To Be Takei

Sunday, May 4th @ 5:45 pm

Florida Premiere Over seven decades, actor and activist George Takei boldly journeyed from a WWII internment camp, to the helm of the...

Tom at the Farm (Tom la ferme)

Monday, May 5th @ 9:30 pm

Southeast Premiere Following the untimely death of his boyfriend, Tom travels to the sparse countryside of Quebec for the funeral. Upon...

What It Was

Wednesday, May 7th @ 6:30 pm

East Coast Premiere In this multilayered film, Adina, a successful Latina actress, returns to New York after the death of her sister and the...

Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami Beach Cinematheque

Boy Meets Girl

Saturday, May 10th @ 7:00 pm

Florida Premiere Boy Meets Girl is a sexy, romantic coming of age comedy about three twenty-year-olds living in Kentucky. Robby and Ricky, a...

Igloo (Iglu)

Friday, May 9th @ 7:00 pm

East Coast Premiere Daniel, a young, handsome and talented illustrator, is deeply depressed in the aftermath of his relationship with an...

Kidnapped For Christ

Saturday, May 10th @ 5:00 pm

Southeast Premiere Kidnapped For Christ tells the shocking stories of American teenagers who were taken from their homes and shipped to...

Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine

Thursday, May 8th @ 7:00 pm

Florida Premiere Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine explores the life and tragic death of Matthew Shepard, the gay student brutally murdered...

Men of Many Faces

Monday, May 5th @ 9:00 pm

I am Muslim. Yo soy Latino. I am African. I am Alone. I am Somebody. We are together. These are the stories we can identify with told with...


Sunday, May 4th @ 6:00 pm

Lorenz Meran (40), a successful, gay author suffering from acute writer's block, returns home when his elderly mother Rosie ends up in the...

Soongava - Dance of the Orchids

Thursday, May 8th @ 9:00 pm

In Kathmandu, beautiful Diya, aged 22, is training hard to become a traditional Nepalese dancer. But her hopes are shattered when her...

The Circle

Saturday, May 3rd @ 5:00 pm

Southeast Premiere Zurich: 1958. The bashful teacher, Ernst Ostertag, and the cabaret artist Robi Rapp meet one another in the Swiss...

The Dog

Tuesday, May 6th @ 9:00 pm

Florida Premiere In 1972, John Wojtowicz attempted to rob a Brooklyn bank to pay for his lover's sex change operation. The story was the...

What Men Like

Saturday, May 3rd @ 7:00 pm

It is all about relationships: platonic, romantic, toxic, competitive, starting, lasting, and failing. Whether the relationship is...

What Women Want

Tuesday, May 6th @ 7:00 pm

It is all about secrets, toys, failed relationships, and the past informing the present. Discover beauty, new friends, and old forgotten...

Women on the Edge of Life, of Change, of Growth

Monday, May 5th @ 7:00 pm

Join Carmela as she discovers adventure and freedom. Watch as expectation crashes into reality when Josephine's mother discovers who she is....

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Colony Theater