Film Details

Runtime: 51 minutes

Language: English

Director: Rodolfo Eduardo Moro

Country: USA, 2017

Genre: Documentary, Historical, LGBTQ

Through candid interviews and humorous real life stories, Families Like Yours demystifies LGBT families and their lives, showcasing that they are just as loving, busy, and complicated as any other family.The film follows six families as they attempt to balance work and school, rush kids to sports practice, and deal with diaper duty. From across the nation and in all different stages of family life, from conception to grandchildren, these families represent a cross-section of the modern American family -- the only difference is that they are LGBT families.

A panel discussion including subjects and crew from Families Like Yours and advocates for LGBTQ+ adoption, surrogacy, IVF, and fostering will follow the screening to educate on how to start and/or grow your family.


Marcos Duszczak

Marcos Duszczak - Producer

Hawke Family

Hawke Family - Aspen, Jordan, Jessica, & Mandi Hawke

Robert Lamarche

Robert Lamarche - Executive Director - Advocates for Children & Families

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