CLOSE KNIT (Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa) - OPENING NIGHT FILM

Friday October 6th 2017, 8:00 pm

NSU Art Museum - Fort Lauderdale
1 E Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

Film Details

Runtime: 127 minutes

Language: In Japanese with English subtitles

Director: Naoko Ogigami

Country: Japan, 2017

Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Trans


Lavender Award Recipient Tommy Dorfman will be honored

After being abandoned by her mother yet again, 11-year-old Tomo moves in with her good-natured uncle Makio, only to find that he is now living with his transgender girlfriend Rinko. Though a bit surprised at first, Tomo soon bonds with Rinko, a soft-spoken caretaker who makes exquisite lunch boxes. Rinko teaches Tomo to knit and showers her with motherly warmth. Though faced with prejudices and challenges, the three reimagine the nuclear family, on their own terms. Close Knit is a big-hearted film that depicts an alternative family structure with gentle candor.

Teddy Award Best GLBT Film - Berlinale(Berlin)
Best Feature Film - Tel Aviv GLBT Film Festival


Tommy Dorfman

Tommy Dorfman - Lavender Award Honoree

Victor Gimenez

Victor Gimenez - Executive Director

"A great slice of life film showcasing a new nuclear family."



Teddy Award Best GLBT Film - Berlinale (Berlin)
Best Feature Film - Tel Aviv GLBT Film Festival

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