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Sensitivity Training

Friday April 28th 2017, 6:45 pm

Regal Cinema South Beach
1120 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Runtime: 87 minutes

Language: English

Director: Melissa Finell

Country: USA, 2016

Genre: Comedy

Serena is a misanthropic microbiologist -- great with bacteria, but horrible with people. After crossing a line with a colleague, Serena is forced into sensitivity training with Caroline, the bubbly lesbian assigned to be her coach. Caroline and her sunny disposition represent everything Serena hates, but Caroline is determined to make Serena an acceptable human. While Serena does her best to get rid of Caroline, she may have finally met her match. Charming and over the top, Sensitivity Training is an off-kilter, witty portrayal of love and friendship forged under rather peculiar circumstances.

Official Selection
Twist (Seattle)
Woodstock Film Festival


Lauren Fiarbanks

Lauren Fiarbanks - Public Relations


Honors -

Official Selection
Twist (Seattle)
Woodstock Film Festival