Family Commitments

Saturday October 15th 2016, 7:30 pm

Cinema Paradiso
503 SE 6th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Runtime: 85 minutes

Language: In German and Arabic, with English subtitles

Director: Hanno Olderdissen

Country: Germany, 2015

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

David is Jewish and Khaled is Muslim and they want to get married, but will things still go smoothly when it involves a homophobic Arab father and a pseudo-orthodox Jewish mother? They're in a strong relationship, living together in an apartment next to, and paid for by, Max's overbearing mother who means to break up this “thing” her son is involved in. They are in love, yet they need to set a lot of things straight before they can say the vows and live happily ever after.

The Front Runners & Walkers Fort Lauderdale will present a Coffee and Dessert Reception on the Savor Cinema Terrace immediately following the film. All audience members are welcome to join us for this free event.

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