G O’Clock

Monday April 25th 2016, 7:00 pm


Runtime: 11 minutes.

Director: Mitchell Marion

Country: UK

Category: Short Film, Gay

G O’Clock is the groundbreaking new film about the unseen world of house music, muscles, drugs and sex. This is London's booming gay chemsex scene. After being called
out to an emergency, a gay paramedic named Alex saves the life of a young boy who has overdosed on GHB. Even though this is a daily scenario for Alex, he leads a double life as a frequent sex party reveller. He believes his medical knowledge and responsible party habits are enough to keep him safe from the dangers of the chemsex world. That is until he arrives at a chill out and meets Nik, a sexy, young Spanish boy whom he takes under his wing. Alex is about to learn that when it comes to chemsex, arrogance can be just as
dangerous as naiveté…