It’s Ladies' Night:

Sunday April 21st 2024, 4:45 pm

Streaming: April 29th - May 5th

Silverspot Cinemas - Downtown Miami
300 SE 3rd St #100, Miami, FL 33131

Film Details

Genre: Lesbian

The Reflection of the Cranes
Juan Ballesteros, 19 minutes, Venezuela and Bolivia, In Spanish with English subtitles
Lucia, a 45-year-old woman, leads a routine life in her roadside inn, when one day Amelia, a young traveler trying to find part of her past in some local waterfalls, shows up at her reception. When an immediate attraction arises between them, the insecurities of one and the fears of the other will hinder the contact between them. It is only through a game of reflexes that one will be able to approach the vulnerabilities of the other.

Goodbye Tango
Jason Laurits, 15 minutes, USA
The sudden death of Ruth’s beloved hamster reveals a decaying marriage with her curmudgeonly wife, Connie. Ruth must either accept the death of things or keep spinning the wheel.

Longing For Light
Alba Cros Pellisé, 11 minutes, Spain, In Catalan with English subtitles
The sun has a central role to play in almost every shot of this analogue cinematic declaration of love to Barcelona, the adopted home of filmmaker Alba Cros Pellisé. Barcelona is where she met other lesbian women for the first time, where she found lovers and where the members of her chosen family live. She films them in their homes and on the streets, where sunlight illuminates the cobblestones and walls, as well as people’s faces. Cros complements her journal-style voice-over with title cards, jazzy music and the familiar, nostalgic sound of film running through the camera. The affectionate shots of lovers, mothers with a young child, and girlfriends at an outdoor café are rhythmically intercut with scenes of sunbeams in cloudy skies, interplays of light and shadows, and glistening sunlight on water. While she acknowledges that it’s difficult to find your own place in the world if you’re “different,” the filmmaker makes it clear that this is not a political film. Rather, it is a personal, intimate and warm portrait of the city where she found love. In these sunlit streets there is no place for darkness, at least for now

Tomorrow Will Be Better (Morgen Doen We Het Beter)
Jottum Kok, 20 minutes, Netherlands, In Dutch with English subtitles
After the relationship with her girlfriend turns sour, Jona moves back in with her mother Mirjam. Their loving relationship is occasionally plagued by miscommunication and when Mirjam is secretive about her daughter's queer identity, the tension mounts. Filmmaker Jottum Kok proposes a vision of generational conflict that can be overcome.

Jackrabbit Homestead
Kimberlea Kressal, 20 minutes, USA
A bereft widow inherits a 5-acre homestead in the desert. As she struggles to forget her past and build a new life for herself in this isolating and unrelenting landscape, she starts to believe someone (or something) is tormenting her.

Siham Bel, 29 minutes, France, In French with English subtitles
Since she left Corsica where she grew up, Safia has always secured family balance. To protect her relationship with her father, she has never told him about her homosexuality. On a summer evening, she breaks the secret and runs away. On the road along the Calanques creeks, as she makes her way through a new life, she has now to learn to live for herself beyond other people’s eyes and maybe against those she loves most. This summer, an announcement is going to shake up the family and take Safia on an unexpected journey of self-discovery on the winding and rocky roads of the Mediterranean island.

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