Film Details

Runtime: 110 Minutes

Language: In German, English and Presian with English subtitles

Director: Kate Rohrer

Country: Austria, 2024

Genre: Comedy, Foreign , Lesbian, Narrative

Marie Theres, 52, has the seemingly perfect life: married to her husband for 20 years, raising their teenage daughter and being a successful doctor. In an instance everything changes: her husband leaves, her daughter rebels, she gets suspended from the hospital and her friends abandon her. Thats when she meets Fa, a self-confident, independent, free spirited Iranian woman, who runs her own carpentry business and takes care of their elderly mother. The two women could not be more different and more attracted to each-other. Each will have to break free from the confines they have built for themselves if they truly want to be happy. What A Feeling is a heartfelt and clever romantic comedy about two middle aged women who refuse to be pushed to the sideline of life





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