The Monster of Many Noses (L'home dels nassos)

Sunday April 21st 2024, 9:35 pm

Silverspot Cinema
300 SE 3rd St #100, Miami, FL 33131

Film Details

Runtime: 96 Minutes

Language: In Catalan with English subtitles

Director: Abigail Schaaff

Country: Spain, 2024

Genre: Foreign , Gay, Narrative

In the winter of 1968, in a small village in the mountains, the story follows three children who embark on a daring quest to evade the ominous Man of Many Noses, a formidable figure deeply ingrained in Catalan folklore. This sinister character is known for hunting down children who have spun too many lies on the final day of the year. But the children are not the only ones gripped by fear; the film also explores how lies from the past can have a haunting presence. The film follows a proven formula of taking a deeply rooted legend from Catalan folklore and transforming it into a universal story. The Man With Many Noses is a captivating exploration of history, myth, and the human condition.





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