Studio One Forever

Friday April 19th 2024, 5:00 pm

Silverspot Cinema
300 SE 3rd St #100, Miami, FL 33131

Film Details

Runtime: 96 minutes

Language: English

Director: Marc Saltarelli

Country: USA, 2023

Genre: Documentary, Gay, Historical, Music

Studio One was more than just the first gay disco in America; it was a mecca for gay men seeking acceptance in a world that saw them as outcasts. Connected to the disco was the Backlot Theatre, which merged the Hollywood elite from the golden era with the gay community for the first time; from Bette Davis to Jimmy Stewart to Cary Grant, they all came to party at Studio One. From 1974-1993 Scott Forbes' club became a staging ground for the rise of the gay rights movement and the fight against the AIDS crisis. Studio One Forever takes the audience on an excursion of gay history through the lens of this groundbreaking club.




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