Close to You

Thursday April 25th 2024, 9:45 pm

Streaming: April 29th - May 5th

Regal South Beach
1120 Lincoln Rd Mall, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Film Details

Runtime: 100 minutes

Language: English

Director: Dominic Savage

Country: Canada and UK, 2023

Genre: Drama, Narrative, Trans

Sam (Elliot Page) hasn’t been home since his transition and after four years in Toronto, he takes a long-dreaded trip back home for his father’s birthday. On the train, he runs into Katherine, a friend from high school and feelings from their unresolved past begin to bubble to the surface. It’s a serendipitous encounter as Sam worries about seeing his family after so much time apart, not for fear that they’ll reject him, but because of the unsolicited comments, questions, misgendering and misunderstanding he’ll receive about his transition, placing the weight of his family’s ignorance and discomfort squarely on his shoulders. Close to You is an emotionally observant drama about coming home as yourself, only for everyone to treat you like a completely different person.

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