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I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole

Saturday October 18th 2014, 2:30 pm

The Classic Gateway Theatre
1820 E Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Runtime: 93 Minutes

Language: English

Director: Jim Tushinski

Country: USA 2014

Category: FLGLFF


An outspoken and articulate artist in a turbulent passionate time, Wakefield Poole didn’t think of himself as a pornographer, but as a filmmaker who used his dance and theater background to create beautiful erotic art films that challenged the mind. Many agreed. To others, though, Poole just made dirty movies. Filled with gorgeous archival footage, excerpts from Poole’s lushly photographed films, and entertaining and illuminating interviews with Poole’s contemporaries and colleagues, I Always Said Yes is a story of artistic integrity and disappointment, self-destruction, love, sex, fortitude and musical comedy.