South Florida Filmmakers Showcase: Shorts Program

Monday October 23rd 2023, 7:15 pm

Streaming: October 30th - November 5th

Gateway Theater Fort Lauderdale
1820 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Film Details

Runtime: 117 minutes

Genre: All, Documentary, Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Youth

South Florida has a small but mighty filmmaking community with plenty of interesting and compelling films. Some are students, or beginners while others are seasoned veterans of the industry who just happen to call South Florida HOME.

Don’t Say Butterfly / (Sebastian M. Olivier, 5 minutes, USA)
Sam is working on a science project about butterflies. That night his mom leaves him in the apartment by himself for a few hours, the perfect time to explore another side of him.

Warehouse / (Rogelio Salinas and Ahuatl Amaro, 13 minutes, USA)
Warehouse is a story about four LGBTQ+ best friends that work at a warehouse in the Inland Empire in California. One day, they receive unexpected news at work that forces them to challenge their friendship and loyalty. This workplace comedy is inspired by every day people standing together and demanding better working conditions and accountability from their billion-dollar employers.

A painfully obvious miscommunication in teenage romance / (Joe Tufte, 13 minutes, USA)
A quirky, campy, queer rom-com following two best friends in their senior year of high school, struggling to explain their true feelings to each other after a miscommunication.

Sanctity of Self / (Aaliyah Leehanna Brown, 8 minutes, USA )

Azulejos / (Maria Paula Arboleda, 19 minutes, USA. In Spanish with English subtitles)
A young woman, Daniela, visits her grandmother to tell her some important news.

The Last Lesbian Library / (Christina Isabel Rodriguez de Conte, 11 minutes, USA)
The dystopian film imagines a time in the way too near future when LGBTQ rights and reproductive rights have been radically altered and the younger queer generation no longer has access to the wisdom of the elders that came before. This short film follows two baby dykes as they search for the elusive "Lesbian Baby Making Recipe" and the hope for a queer future.

I Remember / (Peter C. Bisuito, 25 minutes, USA)
International award winner for the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Playback International Film Festival in Manchester, UK.
A man is afflicted with repressed memory loss due to a traumatic experience he suffered. As a result, he cannot remember where his husband Dom is. I Remember is a psychological drama about one mans will to find his missing husband even when…he can’t remember.

Open Dialogues: Queer Allies / (Freddy Rodriguez, 25 minutes, USA)
Open Dialogues: Queer Allies features the stories and lived experiences of people who identify as LGBTQ+ (Queer) and those who love and support them. Through deeply moving interviews and performances that represent a diverse range of allyship perspectives, Queer Allies illustrates the power of human empathy to change lives. With a performance by Dance Now! Miami and a reading by Terry Dyer from his book, Letters to a Gay Black Boy.


Sebastian Marcano Olivier

Sebastian Marcano Olivier - Don't Say Butterfly | Director

In attendance for an intro and Q&A after the film!

Aaliyah Brown

Aaliyah Brown - Sanctity of Self | Director

In attendance for an intro and Q&A after the film!

Joe Tufte

Joe Tufte - A Painfully Obvious Miscommunication In Teenage Romance | Director

In attendance for an intro and Q&A after the film!

Freddy Rodriguez

Freddy Rodriguez - Open Dialouges: Queer Allies

In attendance for an intro and Q&A after the film!

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