It's Ladies' Night! (Ladies' Shorts Program)

Sunday October 22nd 2023, 3:30 pm

Streaming: October 30th - November 5th

Gateway Theater Fort Lauderdale
1820 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Film Details

Runtime: 96 minutes

Genre: All, Lesbian

First X / (Josiah Polhemus, 7 minutes, USA)
Is a groundbreaking short film about two people taking a chance on dating in a post-pandemic world. The story portrays the vulnerability and anticipation of what it was like to experience that once in a lifetime “FIRST”.

Girl on Girl / (Laura Jayne Tunbridge, 10 minutes, UK)
On move-in day, a lesbian couple are forced to acknowledge that the problems between them don’t just exist in the bedroom.

A Summer With Carolina / (Jairo Gonzalez, 12 minutes, Spain, In English)
Carolina and Elena passionately live a dream summer on the Costa Blanca. Memories and experiences will be present from the birthday party where they meet. A utopian and sad story that will take us to the love that we imagine to have and perhaps we will never have.

Monitor / (Margo Roe, 16 minutes, UK)
A couple raise a robot baby under observation so that they can receive a license to start a family.

Longing / (Courteney Tan, 12 minutes, UK)
A woman with a secret finds herself on an impromptu date the night before her flight home.

Cousins / (Karina Dandashi, 13 minutes, USA)
Two cousins born in separate countries reunite in Brooklyn when a run-in with an ex turns the night even more chaotic. COUSINS explores cultural disconnect between family members and identity within oneself.

Another Sunday / (Eugenia Sampedro, 11 minutes, In Spanish with English subtitles)
Júlia experiences sexual affection relationships very differently from Clara, her partner. This fact will cause her to doubt, making them realize that they no longer share the same lifestyle and, moreover, will end up questioning their own relationship.

Nobody Knows / (HEO Ha-yeon, 7 minutes, Korea, In Korean with English subtitles)
The two old ladies are not different from other married couples, but not all the same. They live a peaceful and ordinary life but occasionally simple things like holding hands each other on street demand bravery. One day, one lady falls ill. The other lady wants to protect her but she can't be her legal guardian.

Nana Dara is Gay / (Andrea Maxwell, 8 minutes, USA)
Based on characters in the award winning novel SUGAR LAND, "Nana Dara is Gay", zeroes in on the moment Nana Dara has avoided for 40 years. It's 1970 and Nana Dara invites her step-daughters, Edna (who goes by "Eddie" and wears men's suits) and gin-soaked, bible thumper Miss Debbie, to her trailer for the great reveal: she is a lesbian. It goes the way most things go in the Deep South - hilarious, histrionic, and ultimately hopeful. Family is family, after all ("Praise Be!").


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In attendance for an intro and Q&A after the film!

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