Cocktails & Cinema™: Shortcomings

Thursday July 6th 2023, 7:30 pm

Silverspot Cinemas - Coconut Creek
4441 Lyons Rd, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Film Details

Runtime: 92 minutes

Language: English

Director: Randall Park

Country: USA, 2022

Category: Cocktails & Cinema™

Genre: Comedy, Queer

Ben, a struggling filmmaker, lives in Berkeley, California, with his girlfriend, Miko, who works for a local Asian American film festival. When he’s not managing an art house movie theater as his day job, Ben spends his time obsessing over unavailable blond women, watching Criterion Collection DVDs, and eating in diners with his best friend, Alice, a queer grad student with a serial dating habit. When Miko moves to New York for an internship, Ben is left to his own devices and begins to explore what he thinks he might want.

Cleverly and precisely scripted by Adrian Tomine (based on his own acclaimed graphic novel of the same title), the delightful Shortcomings is Randall Park’s assured directorial debut. Exposing a multiplicity of Asian American identities in a fresh and groundbreaking way, the film is poised to challenge audiences with its protagonist Ben — who is cynical and snobbish with a dash of charm — gamely played by Justin H. Min. With wit, humor, and a deep understanding of being an outsider within a marginalized community, Shortcomings embraces the complexity of being human, flaws and all.




Official Selection - U.S. Dramatic Competition @ Sundance Film Festival

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