Sunday October 16th 2022, 8:00 pm

Streaming: October 17th - October 19th

Gateway Cinemas Fort Lauderdale
1820 E Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale 33304

Film Details

Runtime: 102 minutes

Language: In French, Finnish, German and English with English subtitles

Director: Aino Suni

Country: France/Finland, 2022

Genre: Fiction, Foreign , Lesbian, Music, Romance

17-year-old aspiring rapper Elina is forced to move from Finland to southern France when her mother gets a French boyfriend. When she meets her new step-sister, the charismatic ballerina Sofia, who lives a double life full of drugs and alcohol, she immediately falls in love. An infatuation transitions into obsession while Elina adopts increasingly brutal methods to have her for herself, while Sofia pulls Elina deeper into her own world of lies and deceit. Heartbeast depicts a complex, love story filled with escalating power games, pounding beats, pulsating neon lights, and feelings so colossal they cannot be controlled.

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