Chrissy Judy

Saturday October 22nd 2022, 7:30 pm

Streaming: October 23rd - October 25th

Gateway Cinemas Fort Lauderdale
1820 E Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale 33304

Film Details

Runtime: 96 minutes

Language: In English

Director: Todd Flaherty

Country: USA, 2022

Genre: Besties, Comedy, Drama, Gay, Romance

Judy’s been described as many things: a free spirit, a daydreamer, a boy-crazy hot mess. But this is going to be the summer it all comes together for this ambitious, 30-something drag queen/cater-waiter and his best friend, Chrissy. That is, until Chrissy’s priorities suddenly shift, forcing a disillusioned Judy to examine his life and priorities as a queer artist. Now Judy must rediscover himself or risk becoming an irrelevant solo act, both onstage and off. Chrissy Judy is a dark comedy exploring the universal pain of breaking up with your best friends and questioning, "What do you do when your chosen family no longer chooses you?"



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