Tuesday April 26th 2022, 7:15 pm

Streaming: April 27th - April 29th

Regal Cinemas South Beach
1120 Lincoln Rd Mall, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Film Details

Category: Miami Edition

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gay, LGBTQ, Mystery, Romance, Suspense

Coming of age, coming out on your wedding day, a writers retreat becomes a voyeuristic paradise, the trauma of celebrating your birthday at a pool party with hunky guys...when you are NOT one, an animated ode to a gender fluid musical genius and a a drug induced trip back into your's not your average evening but it is all in these great shorts.

TWO-HEADED CALVES (Kälber mit zwei Köpfen)
Director: Benjamin Kramme, 28 minutes, In German with English subtitles, German, 2022
Two-Headed Calves is Johannes and Marie’s wedding video. For Johannes, the marriage is supposed to mark the start of a new life, and in the end it does, just differently than expected.

Director: Harm van der Sanden, 5 Minutes, No Dialogue, Netherlands, 2022
A visual short coming of age story of young boy Bram discovering his sexuality.

Director: Sam McConnell, 13 minutes, USA, 2022
Jack Roth (Cheyenne Jackson) - once the hottest star of cable news - stumbles upon a "newsworthy sex scandal" and ends up facing off against all sides, including the corporation he works for.

Director: Anthony Schatteman, 22 Minutes, In Dutch and French with English subtitles, Belgium, 2021
After the success of his first novel, thirty-something Flemish writer Louis is suffering from writer’s block. Hoping that a new place will inspire him, he sets out for the Côte d’Azur. One day he sees a couple making love on the beach. They introduce themselves as Melanie and Tommy. It is Tommy who arouses something in Louis. Unsure what to do with this desire, he decides to write down his lustful feelings, until he becomes completely obsessed with Tommy. The extreme plot twists in Louis’s story begin to bleed into reality.

Director: Leland Montgomery, 14 minutes, USA, 2022
On the eve of his 30th birthday, a gay slacker must overcome his crippling insecurities to find love.

Director: Omer Harel, 19 minutes, In Hebrew with English subtitles, Israel, 2021
For their sixth anniversary, Dekel sweeps Neri into a journey through their memories with the help of a new drug which makes you re-experience memories. This trip reaches a breaking point when they go back to a joint sexual encounter which floods Neri with feelings he tried to suppress.

Director: Bill Plympton, 6 minutes, USA, 2022
Lipstick of the Brave represents the animated journey of Madstone Rowan, composer and performer, as they find inspiration in rock and pop music which inspired them to move beyond the gender binary and embrace their non-binary self. Through Bill Plympton’s poignant animation, homage is paid to the songs and artists that lifted Madstone on their journey as the film seeks to connect with the audience in a way that inspires the viewer to see their own sense of personal power as a part of a world that collectively embraces all expressions of gender and sexuality. The animation is set to the music written and sung by Madstone Rowan.


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