Cocktails & Cinema™ Presents "And The Winner Is..." Shorts Program

Thursday January 27th 2022, 7:00 pm

OUTshine At Home - Virtual

A collection of some of the award winning shorts from the 2021 OUTshine Miami and Fort Lauderdale Editions. Don't take our word for it that these are the best shorts around, listen to the audience and the juries who declared this to be the case.

Prior to the start of the screening join us ON ZOOM for some (virtual) fun as we converse with festival friends and take part in a presentation on how to make a special cocktail from a Mixologist. Cocktail, Ingredients and Mixologist To Be Announced.

If you want to join in and create your own perfect cocktail with XXX (and who doesn't) make sure you have these ingredients on hand: Ingredients To Be Announced.

ENJOY friends, ENJOY a cocktail or two and ENJOY....AND THE WINNER IS...

Directors: Aaron Geva and Mickey Triest, 13 minutes, In Hebrew with English subtitles, Israel
During the covid 19 curfew, Bracha is wandering in the middle of the night, holding a mattress over her head, in the empty streets of Bat Yam. Her anxious mother, Nitzi , is surprised to find her at her doorstep, and has a hard time welcoming her into her home. In a delusional, tedious night, they are dragged into an argument that brings up old baggage - and wakes up the neighbors.

HUGO: 6:30
Directors: Simon Helloco and James Maclver, 13 minutes, In French with English subtitles, France
During a casting session, Hugo, a young actor, is invited to be the narrator, actor, and director of a story he has to improvise. He embarks on a story about sex, illness, and emancipation.

Director: Jorge Muriel, 20 minutes, In Spanish with English subtitles, Spain
Two strangers meet in a subway car. Both bring their past with them. Both look from their present. Both will determine their future in that fleeting, and ephemeral, vital journey that brings them together briefly.

Director: Sonam Larcin, 23 minutes, In Dutch, French and English with English subtitles, Belgium
One night, Dayo, a Nigerian migrant, arrives near a gas station lost in the Belgian countryside, where he has to wait for the arrival of a truck that will take him to his destination. Niels, a gas station worker, awaits the arrival of Antoine, a man from the village with whom he has a hidden relationship. When Niels decides to help Dayo, Antoine worries. The three men will then see their paths take a direction they did not expect.

Director: Jen McGowan, 14 minutes, USA
It has been exactly a year since events shook Scott’s life to the core. He sets off on a bike ride to clear his head, and his past and present have a near head-on collision. As he brushes off the dirt, he comes to understand that the only way forward is an encounter with a stranger he never intended to meet. Their unusual connection may help provide the closure Scott desperately needs.

CODED: The Hidden Love of J.C. Leyendecker
Director: Ryan White, 28 minutes, USA
Coded tells the story of illustrator J.C. Leyendecker, whose legacy laid the foundation for today's out-and-proud LGBTQ+ advertisements.