David's Friend
w/ Smoke, Lillies & Jade
- On the Big Screen & At Home

Friday October 22nd 2021, 9:15 pm

Streaming: October 22nd - October 24th

Savor Cinema
503 SE 6th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Film Details

Runtime: 59 Minutes

Language: English

Director: Adrienne Truscott

Country: USA, 2020

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Gay, Musical


Written and performed by Nora Burns (comedian and founder of comedy troupe The Nellie Olesons), this fast-paced one-woman show is a multi-media powerful and sensory-driven performance bringing to life a time in her past when she and her best friend, David, experienced the wild and crazy times of the New York gay scene together. In recreating the times, places and experiences, Burns has made sure the show has stuck to looking back at an important time in her life and what about it resonates today….and that is a lot.


Directors: Deondray Gossfield and Quincy LeNear Gossfield, 28 minutes, USA, 2021
Alex, a young artist of the Harlem Renaissance, flirts with the idea of bisexuality through posturing and conversations he has with his girlfriend, Melva, and his Bohemian mentor, Raymond. Then he meets Beauty, a Latin man who pursues Alex with poetry and fire, and the fun turns to earnest. The music of a concert performance breaks the floodgates of Alex's desires, and he finds himself torn between Melva and Beauty. Which one will he choose? Based on a short story by Robert Bruce Nugent, shockingly penned in 1926, with narration by Billy Porter, Smoke, Lilies and Jade is a beauty to behold.

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