Summer Of '85 (ÉTÉ 85)

Saturday June 26th 2021, 5:00 pm

Gateway Cinema
1820 E Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale FL

Film Details

Runtime: 100 mins

Language: French w/ English Subtitles

Director: François Ozon

Country: France, 2020

Genre: Drama, Gay, Romance, Slice of Life

June 26 @ 5pm at Gateway Cinema

Over one hot summer in 1985, naive teenager Alexis falls deeply and dangerously in love with sexy David. The pair become inseparable on the beaches and dancefloors of sun-soaked Normandy. But devilish and spikey David sees himself as a free spirit and refuses to be tied down. How will Alexis respond when he realizes he can’t have David all to himself? Unabashedly queer, hotblooded and hormone-driven, this is a welcome return to the preoccupations of director Francois Ozon’s early career. Featuring superb 80’s styling and music from Rod Stewart, Bananarama and The Cure, Summer of ’85 is a breezy first-love flashback to more innocent times. Ozon’s latest recalls life not just before COVID-19 but, more importantly, before AIDS overshadowed what it meant to come out.

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