Baby Lies Truthfully

Wednesday April 28th 2021, 12:00 am - Sunday, May 2nd @ 11:59 pm

Runtime: 6 Minutes

Language: English

Director: Joe Ingham

Country: USA

Category: Shorts

Genre: Documentary, Drama, Gay, LGBTQ

It's 1987. David Robilliard is a young artist and writer in London. His work is raw as it is refreshing. It's coarse but laceratingly clever exploring everything from dating and sex to depression and loss. But just as his work is gaining traction David receives a diagnosis. Within the year he's dead. He's 36. AIDS has claimed another victim. Fast forward thirty-three years and the world is in midst of another pandemic. David's work is about to be released onto the screen and into the world. It’s as compelling and compulsive today as it was in 1987. Voiced by Russell Tovey (Years & Years, The Pass, History Boys) and directed by Joe Ingham (Invisible Women) with a score crafted by the Helen Noir (Theo Adams Company) and featuring material from Jim Hubbard, Therese Fare and Jack Deveaux amongst others, Baby Lies Truthfully combines drama and documentary to create something unique as David himself.