And Then

Wednesday April 28th 2021, 12:00 am - Sunday, May 2nd @ 11:59 pm

Runtime: 17 Minutes

Language: English

Director: Jenn Ravenna Tran

Country: USA

Category: Shorts

Genre: Lesbian, LGBTQ, Romance

The short film follows Mana, a Japanese-American woman who arrives in Tokyo seeking to find a break from her life as an artist, and Haru, a Japanese woman from the countryside who dreams of becoming an artist herself one day. They meet under unique circumstances, and their story unfolds. And Then is a short film about two women who meet and grow closer to each other through insomnia, exploring a new city, and art. It is a story about missed connections, loneliness, adventure, longing to be accepted, art, finding purpose, and the possibility of reconnecting with those we've lost touch with.