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Wednesday April 28th 2021, 12:01 am - Sunday, May 2nd @ 11:59 pm

Virtual Festival

Runtime: 101 mins

Language: English

Director: Michael Seligman and Jennifer Tiexiera

Country: USA, 2020

Genre: Documentary, Gay, Historical


A box of letters held in secret for nearly 60 years ignites a 5-year exploration into a part of LGBTQ+ history that has never been told. The letters, written in the 1950s by a group of New York City drag queens, open a window into a forgotten world where being yourself meant breaking the law. This astounding film reconstructs this pre-Stonewall era as nine former drag queens now in their 80s and 90s reveal how they survived and even flourished against all odds. History buffs and drag queen aficionados will unite around P.S. Burn This Letter Please.