Thursday December 3rd 2020, 12:00 am

Film Details

Runtime: 90 mins

Language: Multiple

Genre: Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Historical, LGBTQ, Romance, Slice of Life

STREAMING December 3rd - December 6th

Red Sweater
Uygar Tanrikulu, 8 mins, Turkey, 2019

Turkish w/ English Subtitles
Mert is a university student who hides his sexual orientation from the rest of the world. Mert transforms to Cansu at her condo with women's outfits. One night, Mert goes out as Casu and walks at the streets then enters a bar…and thus a new life begins.

The Rogers
Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, 16 mins, Samoa, 2020

An intimate glimpse of the first visible group of transgender men in the Pacific Islands - the Rogers of Samoa. From the loneliness of family rejection and homelessness to the camaraderie of church, cooking, and dance, their stories reveal the challenges and possibilities of life in an island society rooted in culture and tradition.

Pink + Blue
Carmen LoBue, 3 mins, UK, 2020

The film explores the life of a transgender man, his experiences of growing up, feeling different, as well as his story of coming out. The ironic film challenges the idea of gender and societies view on what it means to be male or female, while pushing us to sympathize with a person who does not fit into those gender norms.

Liv Mari Mortensen, 14 mins, Norway, 2019

Norwegian w/ English Subtitles
15 year old YouTuber activist Jo longs to be a name in Social Media. He is discovered by Astrid, a commercial photographer. At a photo shoot they both cross a line, longing for exposure.

Only for the Night
LaQuan Lewis, 15 mins, USA, 2020

Sam, a young trans man struggles finding someone who he authentically connects with. Until one day he is invited to a party where he meets Anthony, a charismatic guy who takes the time to get to know Sam. The two spend the night together and Sam seems to regain his hope for romance.

The Call
Marios Psaras, 10 mins, UK, 2020

Greek w/ English Subtitles
A transgendered woman receives a call from her brother letting her know that their mother had passed. She is given the details of the funeral and is asked to come back to Greece for the funeral, but as her old self and not her new and true self. The difficulty of the conversation and the request is too much.

All Those Sensations in My Belly (Sve Te Senzacije U Mom Trbuhu)
Marko Dješka, 13 mins, Croatia/Portugal, 2020

Croatian w/ English Subtitles
A short animated documentary about the real life of transgirl Matia, who relates the story about her experience of transition process with a specific focus on complexity of finding true love with a heterosexual man.

Dance Dance Evolution
Jules Rosskam, 18 mins, USA, 2019

Six trans-identified people explore their relationship to dance. As one participant says, “What I feel when I’m dancing is the very decomposition of myself.” This short, joyful documentary looks at the ways in which the body in motion opens up the spaces between gender, race, and time, producing pleasure. This begs the question, how do we take that idealized moment on the dance floor, where nothing matters but the beat, and take it with us everywhere we go?

The Name of the Son (El Nombre de el Hijo)
Martina Matzkin, 13 mins, Argentina, 2019

Spanish w/ English Subtitles
Lucho, a 13-year-old trans boy, doesn't usually share much time with his father. When he goes on vacation with him and his younger sister, the new closeness puts their relationship to the test.
TRANSFORMATIONS - TRANS SHORTS PROGRAM - Featuring LIVE Q&A from these short films: VISIBLE Director, Liv Mari Mortensen ALL THOSE SENSATIONS IN MY BELLY Director, Marko Dješka DANCE DANCE EVOLUTION Director, Jules Rosskam THE NAME OF THE SON Director, Martina Matzkin Hosted by OUTshine Executive Director, Victor Gimenez and OUTshine's Board Treasurer, Chris Vastine.

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