Walking with Shadows

Thursday December 3rd 2020, 12:00 am

Film Details

Runtime: 95 mins

Language: English

Director: Aoife O’Kelly

Country: Nigeria, 2019

Genre: Drama, Gay, Romance

STREAMING December 3rd - 6th

Ebele Njoko has been running his whole life, searching for love and acceptance from his family and driven to recreate himself as Adrian, a respected father, husband and brother. But when his past starts to catch up with him, his fabricated life begins to unravel. Adapted from the critically acclaimed 2005 novel by award-winning Nigerian writer Jude Dibia, this delicate and powerful portrait of queer Nigeria tells the story of a man coming to terms with the reality he has created for himself to hide in plain sight.
Q&A with 'Walking With Shadows' Producer, Olumide Femi Makanjuola With OUTshine's Program Director, Joe Bilancio.

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