Trans' Shorts Package

Saturday August 29th 2020, 3:00 pm

Film Details

Runtime: 73 mins

Genre: Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Romance, Trans

STREAMING August 29-September 2


Making Samantha
T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper, 10 mins, USA, 2020

“I Am Samantha," by singer-songwriter Benjamin Scheuer, was inspired by his friend, Samantha Williams. Directors T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper gathered 27 trans actors to make the music video and to tell the story of the universal human journey to find identity, acceptance and love.

Vuelta el Sol
Judith Corro, 7 mins, Panama, 2020

Spanish w/ English Subtitles
It's César's birthday and his only wish is to have peace of mind, but his parents expect César to wear clothes that make him feel uncomfortable. César has to make a decision, continue to please his family's expectations or be true to his identity as a trans man.

Goodbye Rebecca & Eileen
Sarah Hill, 13 mins, USA, 2020

A non-linear narrative exploring the before, during, and after of a top surgery journey.

Butterflies in Berlin
Monica Manganelli, 30 mins, Germany, 2019

English and German & Italian w/ English Subtitles
For the first time in cinema, a story about the Holocaust and gender identity together. Alex moves to Berlin in 1933 during the Weimar Republic period. Looking for his place in the world and his sexual identity, he becomes the first out-of-surgery transsexual in history. That happens unfortunately during the National-Socialism rise, a social disruption that turned the capital of sexual freedom into the most repressed country of all times.

Krishna Ombwiri
Claire Doyon, 12 mins, France, 2019

French w/ English Subtitles
Chrishna became a woman again. Over the water, she remembers and tells us. The spirits of the river watch.

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