Family Members
(Los Miembros de la Familia)

Sunday August 23rd 2020, 9:15 pm

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Runtime: 85 mins

Language: Spanish w/ English Subtitles

Director: Mateo Bendesky

Country: Argentina, 2019

Genre: Drama, Gay

In an off-season seaside resort town that’s seen better days, siblings Gilda and Lucas are trying to fulfill their mother’s last cryptic wish: to throw her ashes into the ocean. But, in director Mateo Bendesky’s first feature, there are greater, more inexplicable mysteries to be solved, though not really voiced, between the siblings and with the rest of the world. Gilda looks for answers in chakra stones and tarot cards, and Lucas tries to understand the attention he receives from an older bodybuilder on the beach. Closely observed, whimsical, comic, and sweet, Family Members marks the emergence of a filmmaker whose sensibility is unique, unusual, and very human.


Honors -

NOMINEE - Best Feature Film
- Berlin International Film Festival
- Best Film - Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival