Douze Points

Saturday August 22nd 2020, 7:00 pm

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Runtime: 90 mins

Language: English, French, and Hebrew w/ English Subtitles

Director: Danny Sirkin

Country: Israel, 2019

Genre: Comedy, Thiller

Douze Points is a comedy-thriller-satire created by mixing ISIS operatives, tough Mossad agents and a unique relationship between two young Muslim guys in the most rainbow-colored song contest imaginable. Rasoul and Tarik were best friends growing up in Paris’ Muslim quarter. When Tarik comes out of the closet at 15, Rasoul turns his back on his friend, and Tarik is ostracized from the community. Now “TJ” is an out and proud gay singer on his way to represent France in Eurovision - Europe’s biggest song contest. But he becomes a target as ISIS plants an operative - Rasoul acting as his boyfriend - into the French delegation to interrupt the finals.


Honors -

- Amsterdam LGBTQ International Film Festival
- San Diego Jewish Film Festival
- Rome Israeli Film Festival