The Acrobat

Friday August 28th 2020, 9:15 pm

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Runtime: 134 mins

Language: English, French and Russian w/ English Subtitles

Director: Rodrique Jean

Country: Canada, 2019

Genre: Drama, Suspense, Thiller

Montreal is snowed under. While the downtown cranes dance their hypnotic ballet, two strangers meet randomly in an unfinished apartment. Their chance encounter leads to a violent attraction and a dependency beyond reason. One man is a Russian-born muscled, professional acrobat whose future is jeopardized by a broken leg. The other is a buttoned-down, well-groomed man of few words. Which one dominates? Which one manipulates? As it turns out, love is painful and human relations are complex. For his dreamy, meditative sixth feature, Rodrigue Jean trains his singular lens on a story both mysterious and sexually explicit.


Honors -

- Vancouver International Film Festival
- Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montreal)