Wild Nights With Emily

Sunday April 21st 2019, 7:00 pm

Regal Cinemas South Beach
1120 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Runtime: 84 mins

Language: English

Director: Madeleine Olnek

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Historical Fiction, Lesbian

This is the story of the secret life of Emily Dickinson (played flawlessly by Molly Shannon). The poet’s persona, popularized since her death, is that of a reclusive spinster, a delicate wallflower, too sensitive for this world. This film explores the vivacious, irreverent side of her that was covered up for many years and recently revealed, most notably Emily’s lifelong romance with another woman, Susan Dickinson, the wife of Emily’s brother. Thanks to the irreverent and surreal Wild Nights With Emily, you will never look at Dickinson or her poetry the same way again.

IN ATTENDANCE: Executive Producer Jennifer Kriz; Co-Executive Producer Edwin Scharlau


Jennifer Kriz - Vice-Chair

"Molly Shannon captures the vivaciousness, bravery and humor poet Emily Dickinson in this not-to-miss dramedy."

Edwin Scharlau - Producer

In Attendance

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