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The Man Who Surprised Everyone
(Tchelovek kotorij udivil vseh)

Sunday April 21st 2019, 5:15 pm

Regal Cinemas South Beach
1120 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Runtime: 105 mins

Language: Russian

Director: Aleksey Chupov and Natalya Merkulova

Country: Russia, France, Estonia

Genre: Drama, LGBTQ, Trans


Egor is a fearless state forest guard in the Siberian Taiga. He is a good family man, respected by his fellow villagers. He and his wife Natalia are expecting a second child. But one day Egor finds out that he has cancer and only two months left to live. No traditional medicine or shamanic magic can save him. As a last resort, he chooses to take the identity of a woman so death can’t find him. He finds that his new identity is his true self and his family and the local society now have to accept the new Egor.


Joe Bilancio

Joe Bilancio - Programming Director

"I am a sucker for stories about people who are living their true selves at all costs."

Jury Winner

Jury Winner -

Honorable Mention Best Narrative Feature - OUTshine


Honors -

Winner - Orizzonti Award for Best Actress (Natalya Kudryashova) - Venice Film Festival
Winner - Jury Award Best Film - Zinegoak Bilbao International GLT Film Festival (Spain)

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