Film Details

Runtime: 86 minutes

Language: English

Director: James Franco

Country: USA, 2017

Genre: Drama, Gay, Historical Fiction


Tom (Tennessee) Williams, an aspiring writer in his 20s, lives with and negligent father (Vincent D’onofrio). Tom attempts to maintain peace in the family while also dealing with his depressed and anti-social sister. Struggling against the societal pressures and expectations of him, Tennessee is determined to hone in on his artistic talent and achieve greatness. Directed by James Franco, Tenn focuses on a young Tennessee Williams struggling to find his voice and at the same time his true self as a gay man in 1930’s St. Louis.


Joe Bilancio

Joe Bilancio - Programming Director

"An insight into why & how Tennessee Williams became the artist that he was--While the whole cast gives remarkable performances, Vincent D'Onofrio and Beth Grant are spectacular as the parents trying to do the right thing, even when wrong."

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