Film Details

Runtime: 90 minutes

Language: English

Director: Joe Camareno

Country: UK, 2018

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Gay


Downtrodden office worker Samuel loses his job and, in a freak accident, his overbearing wife Tanita on the same day. To help him recover, his precocious gay best friend, Jessie, accompanies him on a trip to London. Before long, the hapless duo finds themselves in serious trouble with the Punjabi Mafia, Interpol, and inappropriate couplings.

IN ATTENDANCE: Director/Actor Joe Camareno; Actor Juan Monsalvez; Co-Writer Kurt Patino; Actor Kelly Stables


Joe Camereno

Joe Camereno - Director/Actor

Juan Monsalvez

Juan Monsalvez - Actor

Kurt Patino

Kurt Patino - Co-Writer

Kelly Stables

Kelly Stables - Actor

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