Film Details

Runtime: 71 minutes

Language: English

Director: Karl Allen

Country: USA, 2018

Genre: Documentary, Gay, LGBTQ


This is a story of a filmmaker's journey of self-discovery. Having built a wall from the world arising from his years of sexual and physical abuse as a child, Karl sets out to find his true self by exploring the art of Drag. The likability of the director, the characters and other interviewees, including Karl’s partner, infuses the heavy subject with humor, empathy and a gentleness thus creating an entertaining film that may have you looking for your very own version of drag therapy.
IN ATTENDANCE: Director Karl Allen

Nocturnal Creatures
Directed By: Darwin Robles, 15 minutes, USA

Directed By: Kalvin George, 16 minutes, USA
IN ATTENDANCE: Assistant Director Pierina Hidalgo; Director of Photography Denis Dominguez; Make-Up Artist Catalina Jimenez


Karl Allen

Karl Allen - Director

Drag Therapy

Pierina Hidalgo

Pierina Hidalgo - Assistant Director


Denis Dominguez

Denis Dominguez - Director of Photography


Catalina Jimenez

Catalina Jimenez - Make-Up Artist


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