Film Details

Runtime: 90 minutes

Language: Portuguese with English Subtitles

Director: Allan Fiterman

Country: Brazil, 2018

Genre: Crime, Drama, LGBTQ, Suspense, Trans

Driving a cab through the streets of Rio is more than a job for 35-year-old Berenice. It serves as a distraction from her turbulent marriage with Domingos, a crime reporter for a TV newsmagazine. When the body of a transgender dancer from a local club where her son Thiago hangs out is found on Copacabana Beach, Berenice takes it upon herself to solve the crime. Fiterman deftly combines a family drama with the conventions of the film noir to critique the abuses suffered by the transgender community and the double standards of a society that condones it.

IN ATTENDANCE: Screenwriter Flávia Guimarães; Producer Elisa Tolomelli


Flávia Guimarães

Flávia Guimarães - Screenwriter

Elisa Tolomelli

Elisa Tolomelli - Producer

Emmie Weiner

Emmie Weiner - Business Development

"A riveting story about the struggles of transgender people, wrapped in the guise of a film noir murder-mystery."

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