Film Details

Runtime: 74 minutes

Language: English

Director: Brandon Deyette

Country: USA, 2018

Genre: Bi, Documentary, Gay, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Trans


Two gay ex-Mormon missionaries travel across the United States to confront their past and explore their futures while discussing with other gay Mormons about the rejection, oppression and the reality of a growing number of LGBT suicides within the LDS community. They address the issue through stories from survivors and families that have lost children, family members and friends to this devastating epidemic and try to find solutions and outreach to end the suffering through interviews with politicians, activists and experts in this subject matter. Latter Day Glory is a beautiful and timely ode to better days ahead.

IN ATTENDANCE: Documentary Subjects Jonathon Levi Powell and Terry Blas Green; Director Brandon Deyette; Co-Executive Producer Edwin Scharlau


Jonathon Levi Powell

Jonathon Levi Powell - Documentary Subject

Terry Blas Green

Terry Blas Green - Documentary Subject

Brandon Deyette

Brandon Deyette - Director

Edwin Scharlau

Edwin Scharlau - Producer

Alexis Bosch

Alexis Bosch - Producer/Director

"Brought to us by local filmmaker Brandon Deyette--an incredible human being and filmmaker who deserves all the support in the world! Go see his film!"

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