Film Details

Runtime: 119 minutes

Language: Swiss-German & German with English Subtitles

Director: Marcel Giser

Country: Switzerland

Genre: Drama, Gay


Mario has fallen in love for the first time. Yet his new love is Leon, the team’s new striker, who could pose a threat to Mario’s chances of advancing his soccer career. Before long, their relationship is discovered by their team members and rumors begin to spread beyond the locker room. Mario realizes this jeopardizes his career as a professional football player, but he does not want to lose Leon at any price. He has to make a decision. Does he risk his fame as a soccer star or the only man he has truly loved?


James Moon

James Moon - Board Member

Captivating--genuine performances make for an unforgettable story of love in the face of adversity.



Nominated for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Performance in a Supporting Role, Best Screenplay - Swiss Film Prize

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